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Iron Blogger Bot 2709e81679 Convert python source to version 3 4 years ago
Thomas Renger b83b1a8b27 Add reminder report 11 years ago
Thomas Renger e5c650ab09 translation 11 years ago
Marcus -Chaosblog 0509329698 applied fixes from mako hill: fix bug that always placed today's date into the punt git commit log 11 years ago
Marcus "Chaosblog 3b86b9a902 corrected punt-handling while dry run 11 years ago
Marcus "Chaosblog 3c17eecaf3 quick view optimisation 11 years ago
Marcus "Chaosblog 8d459d81a0 added quick view 11 years ago
Marcus "Chaosblog deceb5f7d1 use mailaddress from settings 12 years ago
Marcus "Chaosblog 5d0e708e97 removed in-script settings, added settings reader 12 years ago
Marcus "Chaosblog 634b0f00a1 changed username and url to dummy-entries 12 years ago
Nelson Elhage d9449b6b58 AUTOPUNT 13 years ago
Nelson Elhage 5b056df8f2 weekly-update: Add -n for dry run. 13 years ago
Nelson Elhage e2a5d48d1c Commit the right thing in the weekly update. 13 years ago
Nelson Elhage 8f3d6d3645 weekly-update: Automatically commit ledger 13 years ago
Nelson Elhage ab393a07f5 Do the ledger and email in weekly-update. 13 years ago
Nelson Elhage 1e83f5c2a4 Script to post the weekly blog post 14 years ago
Nelson Elhage f11af58675 chmod +x update-participants.py 14 years ago
Nelson Elhage ec27cbb27b update-participants.py: minor cleanup 14 years ago
Nelson Elhage 934076a87c Script to update the participants page using the wordpress API. 14 years ago